Invading Privacy

Invading Privacy

Feature-length Experimental Film, Post-production

Using cinema as a mirror, the director attempts to expose and heal his wounds.

Writer/Director: Ashique Mostafa
Producer : Rubaiyat Hossain
Co-Producer : Aadnan Imtiaz Ahmed


In this self-portrayal, the director juxtaposes a series of unintentionally captured iphone-footage, along with intimate family and personal matters. He invades his own privacy in a discreet manner, using cinema as a mirror to self reflect. Capturing image is also a process of healing and searching for an inner solace.

Director's Note

Making of this personal movie was a transcendental process of healing and searching for an inner solace. In this film, I’ve documented my recovering journey to expose and heal my wounds. Bringing the dark memory of life into the surface has changed the darkness to light.

In this film I have captured images and presented the image and sound, without alteration, as it was found in nature. I find camera to be the most fascinating medium capable of capturing the disappearing image and sound of a time. I call it cinema that shows a piece of time frame by frame displaying the image of the unseen.